Do I need to be Dutch to attend this event?

Absolutely not, You can be from anywhere, South Africans and foreigners are all expected to attend this event


This year’s edition of FREEDOM DAY IN ORANGE will be held on Thursday 27th of April 2017.

That day is a South African holiday (Freedom Day)




Can we bring in outside food or beverages?

You are not allowed to bring food or beverages inside the closed area of FREEDOM DAY IN ORANGE, There will be food and beverages (including alcohol) on sale in a specific location for the entire duration of the event. 


Is there a minimum age for FREEDOM DAY IN ORANGE?

No, FREEDOM DAY IN ORANGE is a family event. All children under 15 years of age (with presentation of ID) can enter for free. There will be loads of activities for children, and a kiddie’s area available.

Are pets allowed in the park/fest?

Sorry, no pets of any kind are allowed for everyone’s safety (including the animals).

What personal items are permitted?

The following items are permitted: Blankets, cell phones, folding chairs, cameras (still shot only), purses (regular size) and binoculars. 


What personal items are prohibited?

The following items are prohibited:

– Guns, knives (or any other weapons),

– Flammable Items (including aerosol, fuels, gasoline, gas torches, lighter fluid, spray paint, candles etc.)

– Wallet chains, glass, illegal substances, sport balls, frisbees, pets, video cameras, framed or large backpacks, wide umbrellas, sleeping bags, gazebos or tents.

Should any attendees being in possession of one of the prohibited items mentioned above, it may result in removal from the event at the sole discretion of FREEDOM DAY IN ORANGE

No re-entry, refunds will be provided to attendees ejected from the FREEDOM DAY IN ORANGE or for lost or stolen items

Are there ATM’s on the event grounds?

There is an ATM located in Oakhurst Farm Park near the Kwik Spar, accross Hout Bay Montessori. However we encourage you to bring cash on site.



Where can I purchase FREEDOM DAY IN ORANGE tickets?

Tickets for FREEDOM DAY IN ORANGE are available directly on our website www.oranjefeest.co.za. Just click on “tickets” in our menu bar and make an immediate payment online via EFT or Credit Card.

We will do our best to inform you about the amount of available tickets

Tickets are also available online on Nutickets or at any of these Hout bay outlets.

Nutmeg Farm Stall located in Earthworx Garden

Taj Mahal  Hout Bay Restaurant

Furthermore you can purchase tickets from FREEDOM DAY IN ORANGE Designated Promoters listed on our Facebook page or parents of the Hout Bay Montessori School.

Purchasing a ticket by any other method is unauthorised and is done at your own risk. 

Tickets online are R60

Tickets at the door on the day of the event will be R70

What do I get for my ticket?

Your tickets gives you entrance to the enclose area where the event will be held with access to the Live performance. All activities, markets, food court, bar are charged from R5 and up…

Can we pay in Cash for food, drinks or activities?

Please know that all activities, food, bar consumption and products will be paid in Token (NO Cash money Transactions) You can purchase tokens on the premises by the entrance of the event for the value that you want. 

Are there some discounts for Group tickets?


Should you want to purchase these tickets directly from the organisers, please send email to info@oranjefest.co.za and tell us how many tickets you would like to acquire.



During FREEDOM DAY IN ORANGE, there will be multiple lucky draws with many prizes to be won. such as hampers and other prizes donated by restaurants and more.

Purchase a raffle coupon for R10 at any of FREEDOM DAY IN ORANGE Entrances. Fill in the coupon with your name surname, telephone number and email address, (all in capital letters please). Once filled your coupon will be entered into a lucky draw and the raffle.

The winners will be announced between Live performances. Once announced, the winner will have 2 minutes maximum to present himself/herself to the stage where the prizes will be given Live. Only the winner announced can claim the prize. After 2 minutes if the winner is not on site the prize will have to be re launched for anyone to have a chance to win

All the best !!!

Other info:

All event patrons are responsible for their belongings

The organizers of the FREEDOM DAY IN ORANGE won’t be liable for any stolen or lost items.

FREEDOM DAY IN ORANGE is not responsible for any public injury, however, their will be the assistance of a Medical team for any issue regarding this matter 

Portable Toilets will be available.

Handicapped Toilet facilities will also be available

There will be security service for the entire duration of the FREEDOM DAY IN ORANGE